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Soil Testing

Soil Boring Testing

Soil boring tests are a crucial first step to any structural design. Soil boring testing provides an comprehensive information for the layers of the soil below the ground level for for foundation design. Borings are drilled to specific depths that has been determined by structural engineer depend on the size of the project, and special sampling tools are used to collect soil samples. A soil boring test is a subsurface investigation of the soil to determine the soil properties and soil strength. The standard penetration test (SPT) is an in-situ soil penetration test designed to provide information on the soil properties. At Calc Engineering we have the soil boring test truck that provides soil boring N-values up to 45 feet.


  • If you are building a new house

  • If you are adding an structure to an existing house

  • If you are having a settlement in your house

  • If you are building a seawall

  • If you see cracks on the interior or exterior of your walls

  • If you see a settlement of crack on the asphalt layer of your driveway

  • If you see cracks on concrete slab of the house 

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