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Structural Inspections

Structural inspection is a meticulous evaluation of residential and commercial building structures. It involves  property's physical integrity, identifying any potential issues, damages, or weaknesses in the structure. Our team of experts at Calc Engineering Group specializes in this critical assessment.

Why Inspections?

Safety Assurance

Ensuring the structural integrity of your building is paramount for occupant safety. Regular inspections identify potential hazards, reducing the risk of accidents and structural failures.

40 Year Building Inspections

40-year inspections are crucial to ensure the safety of older buildings. They identify potential structural issues and hazards that may have developed over time, helping prevent accidents and injuries.

Compliance & Permits

Structural inspections are often required by permitting agencies and building codes. Compliance ensures your property adheres to safety and construction standards, avoiding legal complications.


These inspections provide valuable insights for maintenance planning. Identifying problems early allows property owners to address issues promptly, extending the building's lifespan and reducing repair costs.

Our Expertise!


Calc Engineering Group can perform a structural inspection of residential, and commercial building structures. Calc Engineering has experience performing 40/50 years inspection old building and addresses all the damages to the building and how to repairs the damages. 


Calc Engineering can perform specialty structural inspections in accordance with permitting agency requirements and Florida Building Code requirements to verify compliance of construction works with all permitted plans and documents.


Calc Engineering can perform a forensic inspection to find the cause of failure in a building structure due to a natural disaster, a design flaw with the building design, incorrect material, incorrect structural loading calculation, or fatigue of materials.



Calc Engineering’s vision is to provide excellence in innovative, smart, and cost-effective engineering solutions to create sustainable and resilient buildings.

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