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Modern Bridge

What We Do Best.

Structural analysis is about understanding how buildings stand the test of time. It's a detailed assessment of their behavior, strength, and stability. At Calc Engineering Group, we're experts in this critical process, specializing in the thorough evaluation of your property's structural components, materials, and load-bearing capabilities.

Renovation - Addition

If you're renovating or retrofitting an existing structure, structural analysis helps determine necessary modifications and reinforcements to meet modern standards.

When Structural Analysis is needed


Many construction projects require structural analysis to comply with building codes and permitting requirements.

Forensic Investigation

In cases of structural failure or damage, forensic structural analysis identifies the root causes, helping determine liability and guiding repair or mitigation efforts.

Why us.

Calc Engineering is a team of structural engineers and designers for residential and commercial buildings. Our team consists of professional engineers with Ph.D. degrees in Civil and Structural Engineering.

We value customer attention and quality service which is why each client we work with is partnered with a project manager that serves as the primary point of contact throughout the course of their project.


Calc Engineering performs structural analysis and design of different types of structures made out of concrete, steel, aluminum, wood and the composite material including new buildings, pool structure, screen enclosures, seawall, deck and dock structures, balconies, stairs, windows and doors and etc. 

Calc Engineering’s vision is to provide excellence in innovative, smart, and cost-effective engineering solutions to create sustainable and resilient buildings.

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